The theme of Kaleidoscope 2019 is “Serendipity

The theme this year is #serendipty. “Serendipity” means “finding something good without looking for it.” The term comes to English from Sufi wisdom tales, and pops up in popular culture, from romantic comedies to children’s books about sea monsters.

There are many possible workshop ideas, related to such a theme:

– mindfulness techniques;
– importance of gratitude;
– improving mental health through witchcraft;
– harnessing ‘synchronicity’;
– turning points in Pagan histories;
– art with ‘found’ objects;
– wild-crafting and herb walks;
– application of randomness and chance as spiritual technology;
– changing the future through the manipulation of ‘critical points’;
– the ontology of offerings;
– books for Pagan kids;
– ‘true love’;
– positivity training;
– sea monsters;
– Cassiopeia;
– songs about any of these things;
– and more, and more.

You do NOT need to be an expert, merely a step or two down the path. (I have found teaching something I am learning is the best way to consolidate my knowledge.)

In fact, the workshop need not be on the theme of the year. Please, just share your passion, let your gift to others be an experience of ‘serendipity’ when another Fester realizes the happy coincidence of finding meaning in the same things as you have. Share experience, share knowledge. Let us grown together.

Also, ‘random act of kindness’ shenanigans (off program) are perfect for this theme. Keep them a surprise!

P.S. Encourage your friends, children, and lovers to submit their workshops. People often sell themselves short, and need that serendipitous support.

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