Can I do a workshop?


But I didn’t even tell you…

Doesn’t matter. The answer is yes.
Anyone at KG can host a workshop, ritual or event.  Anyone.  About pretty much anything. Do you have a hobby, a skill, a fascinating work project, an area of academic expertise or anything else that you want to share with other people? Then you can do a workshop.

What’s the difference between a workshop, a ritual and an event?
A workshop is primarily about knowledge sharing. A ritual is any activity whose focus is more ceremonial than educational. An event is an activity like a clothing swap or a wine and cheese.

Do I need to be a certified expert to do a workshop?
No PhD necessary. All that’s required is an interest and a passion. If you have something to share or teach, you can do a workshop. Say you’re a novice beginner knitter and want to improve. You can organize a knitting discussion workshop to bring knitters of all levels together to learn from one another.

Does my workshop need to be connected to the KG theme?
We love it when people do theme-related workshops, but there is absolutely no requirement to connect your workshop to the theme.

How long are workshops?
The KG schedule from Wednesday to Sunday has four workshop time slots per day, at 10am, 11:30am, 2pm and 3:30pm, allowing for workshops up to an hour and a half in length. HOWEVER you are not bound to this. If you want to do something that takes longer, no problem. If you want to do an activity outside of the standard time spaces, like a group meditation on the beach at dawn or stargazing at midnight, go for it!

Where do the workshops take place?
Most workshops take place at three designated spaces in or around the Rookery. However, there are other spaces like the beach, the Raven Stage, and the Birch Grove (near the main firepit) for workshops that need more space, or need some privacy. Again, don’t feel limited by this. If you want to host a workshop at your campsite, or in your vending tent, that’s ok too.

I need tables/power/sound system for the workshop I want to do.
We can usually accommodate most things people need to do their workshops. The Rookery space has tables if you need them, eg for crafting. There is power at the Rookery and Stage spaces if you need to plug something in. And other requests like a music player we can work with you to try and get what you need. Just make a note when you do your workshop submission and the Program Pirates will be in touch.

Can I charge money for my workshop?
Workshop presenters are generally encouraged to share their knowledge without cost. However, if you are doing something like a craft for which you have to buy materials for the participants, you may definitely set a fee for your workshop to cover your costs. There is a space in the workshop submission form to note this.

Is there a limit to the number of workshops I can hold?
There is no limit. You can do as many as you like. Just be sure to leave yourself some time to relax and enjoy fest so you don’t burn out! (Looking at you, Hobbes, Ja and Pegacorn)

How do I sign up to hold a workshop?
Just fill in the form on the KG web site here [link]. Be sure to fill in all appropriate boxes with as much information as possible so we can fit you in where you want to be, and make sure you get whatever you need.

Ok, I’ve submitted a workshop. What now?
Great! Your submission will be reviewed by the Program Pirates and they will contact you if there are any issues or questions. Early in July, the Program Pirates will perform the mystic Sticky Note Dance and make up a draft schedule. This will be posted on the KG Facebook page for review so you can check and see if there are any problems with where we’ve put you. So keep an eye on the KG group page in July!

If you have any other questions, you can email the Program Pirates: workshops@rogers.com