This FAQ has been updated to answer common questions handled by our KG staff, along with some tips and tricks that we have found useful and presented here as questions.

However, if you cannot find the information you are looking for, or if you still have any remaining questions, please feel free to contact Maryanne Pearce (MA) If you request for information is urgent, please indicate that in the subject line of your e-mail as we get very busy as the Festival date closes in on us – we want to answer your questions in a timely manner, but it may be up to 48 hours. You can also text at 613-867-6346.

What is the vision of KG (KG)?

KG is an outdoor festival intended for the Pagan and New-Age community to congregate during the week of the August long weekend (for Lughnassadh, Lammas, Freyfaxi) that is spiritual, fun, safe, inclusive and affordable. Lady Pamilla’s motto “Everyone has something to learn and something to teach” remains the fundamental principle of KG.

Can anyone attend?

Yes. KG is attended by individuals, couples, families and groups. Everyone is welcome. However, this is a private event; please review the Festival Rules before coming. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Where is KG being held?

In 2009, the new KG organizers purchased permanent Pagan land for KG. In 2010, KG was held on Raven’s Knolll Special Events Campground. It is located just outside of beautiful Eaganville in the Bonnechere Valley. Minutes from all the amenities of town and the spectacular Bonnechere Caves, Raven’s Knoll is 105 acres of fields, forest, wetland and campground. There is 1,000 feet of gorgeous beach on the Bonnechere River, between Golden Lake and Wilbur Lake.

Are there any cabins available?

Yes. There is a three season cottage with a kitchen, bathroom, a loft which sleeps 4 and a main room with a queen and twin bed. There is also queen and single in the main living room/kitchen area. There is an additional charge for indoor space. Space is reserved for Elders and those with disabilities or health issues, first. Space is extremely limited. Cabin space must be pre-registered and pre-paid.

Can I reserve a camping spot?

No, you cannot reserve a particular camping spot to pitch your tents or park your RV. All site assignments are on a first-come, first-served basis. Some areas are reserved for workshop spaces, vending, etc., so please do check with Security, Registration or other friendly KG or Raven’s Knoll staff if you are unsure of where to set up.

Is KG affiliated with any particular church, religion or school of thought?

No. KG is a completely non-partisan Gathering. We are open to people of all faiths, religions, cultures and sexual orientation. While some of our workshops do refer to the teachings and philosophies of various schools of thought, we are not in any way officially aligned with any of these institutions.

How do I get to KG?

KG is now located on a new, permanent, Pagan-owned land – Raven’s KnollClick here for directions. We encourage carpooling or people organizing buses to take people from their community to the gathering. There is also a Facebook group for rides to Pagan events in Ontario.

Do you allow pets?

Yes, we do. However, pets need to be leashed or contained and must have their vaccinations (unless there is a medical reason not to). Pets should be spayed and neutered. Aggressive animals are not welcome. We utilize the Yellow Dog Project for tagging dogs as yellow or green. Pets must be registered, which you can do on-site at registration. 

Most dogs (including our own – and we have many of our own and fosters) would be overwhelmed by KG. Many pets would be happier at home, at a kennel or with loving friends. If your pet is not a dog, not spayed/neutered or up to date on vaccinations, you must contact Maryanne ahead of time (NOT the day before Anticifest). Any concerns, please also contact us.

Be sure to read the pet rules . Ignorance is not an excuse. Most festivals do not allow pets; it is a privilege, not a right. We want to strike a balance between all guests and pet owners.

Do you allow children?

Of course! Children are welcome for the entire festival, under adult supervision. Children’s programming (called “Munchkinland”) is available at no additional cost. Parents must  be in attendance. There are also typically sporting events, musical or theatrical performances, special events and other surprises to keep your children amused. Parents, or any others, are invited to participate in the children’s programming and workshops. There is also a playground.

Do you allow smoking?

All our indoor facilities are non-smoking, including cabins. There is also no smoking in the children’s areas and around Yag. Remember to use the butt cans.

Do you serve alcohol?

KG does not sell alcohol. Guests may bring their own alcohol. Everyone is responsible for their own actions, under all circumstances. Drink responsibly.

Is there food available for purchase on-site?

Yes, Ye Aulde Grubb (YAG) is available daily for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, coffee, speciality coffees, smoothies, and ice.

Do you sell ice?

Yes, we sure do. Ice is available for the same price as in town, at the YAG and at registration.

Can I cook meals at my camping site?

Yes, using a BBQ, camp stove or existing camp fire (if there is no fire ban). There are water hook ups at many places on-site to gather water for drinking and cooking.

I don’t know anyone who is going. Any suggestions?

Yes, absolutely. You will find KG festival-goers extremely friendly. A few years ago, we started a program Welcome Mat sessions to help new attendees (or people who have been away for a number of years) meet people and acclimate to KG vibe. 

What goes on at KG?

KG is what you make it! Seriously: workshops are put on by members of the community. With few exceptions, workshops and rituals are open to everyone. (There are men-only, women-only and third-gender rituals, and there may be age limits on some workshops). In addition to workshops and rituals, there are musical acts in the evenings, children’s programming, special events, swimming, nightly drumming and dancing, hanging out with old friends and meeting new ones.

Are transgendered people welcome at gender-specific rituals?

Yes. Absolutely. Feel free to attend either, or both, rituals as you identify, including Stag King and Trials of Artemis. There is often a third-gender or gender diverse ritual. Further, we have a closed, private swimming event that follows the ritual for third gender/trans people and their partner(s).

Is KG 2SLGBTQQIA+ -friendly?

Indeed. If you notice the colours in the dragonfly logo, they are in the order of the Rainbow Flag. KG is a safe place for all people. A Pride Parade, open to everyone, occurs every Friday of KG, sometimes followed by a 2SLGBTQQIA+ ritual, depending on pride committee. 

How can I get involved more with KG?

There are many ways to become involved! KG is run by a group of staff volunteers who work throughout the year to make this event special. You can volunteer in a number of ways: big or small, it is appreciated. Contact us ahead of time or you can identify yourself at Registration. Many of the KG staff and community also get involved year-round through work weekends. 

What kinds of facilities are available on-site?

There is a comfort station which has a men’s’ and women’s’ section, but non-binary people are free to use the bathroom of their choice. There are two showers in each section, as well as flush toilets (two in each side). During KG, we have a dozen port-a-potties. The bathrooms have electricity, sinks and a mirror. There is a living-room type building (the Rookery, the front is open on one side, providing shelter and light for playing cards, eating and socializing in all kinds of weather. We also have a stage and a bread oven.

I have musical instruments. Can I bring them to KG?

Yes, by all means do! We encourage all of our guests to bring their non-amplified instruments. An exception to this rule will be made in the case of our invited musical guests. You may also have the opportunity to attend one of the many musical workshops or to purchase a new drum!

How do I offer a workshop?

Please submit your workshops through our Workshop Webform from May 1 to June 30th.

What should I bring?

Click here for our camping checklist.

Can I just attend KG for just a day or the weekend?

Sure! We have day and weekend passes available.

How much does it cost to attend KG?

The Kaleidoscope Gathering has always been an extremely affordable festival; and is less expensive than most conferences, concerts or even regular camping experiences. We aim to keep it that way. All Fest-goers get the Raven’s Knoll family rate, since we are all family! This year there are a few options for registration; and different prices for adults and youth (spronglings are free).

How do I make payment for KG?

Click here to visit the Registration page.

Do I need to pre-register?

For general camping, no, the site is large enough for everyone. However, there are benefits for those who do pre-register: there is a discount for pre-registering and it makes registration just a wee bit quicker once you get on-site! Indoor cabin space, however, does require pre-registration. There is no discount for pre-registration for indoor space and indoor space does cost slightly more than regular camping registration. Space is very limited. First priority will be given to Elders and the disabled. Click here to visit the Registration page.

Can I vend at KG?

Yes. There is no charge for vending at KG, other than the entry fee. There is a specific area set aside for vendors. No items prohibited by Canadian or Ontario law are allowed to be sold and you must have insurance. No exceptions. Be sure to read all of the Vendor Rules.

How can I contact KG?

Click here for contact information.