The Dragonfly

At KG 2009 we unveiled the new KG logo – the Rainbow Dragonfly. There have been many, many sightings of dragonflies at Raven’s Knoll already.

Here is an explanation of why the KG logo was selected:

“The Rainbow Dragonfly is the logo for the Kaleidoscope Gathering. The main symbolism of the dragonfly is one of renewal, positive energy and the power of the living world. Dragonflies are creatures of both the wind and water that can represent change, but also emerge from their cocoons fully mature, bringing to life the ancient where they appear. A lesson of dragonflies, with their short lives, is to live life to the fullest.

Many cultures know the dragonfly and recognize the power of its symbol. In Japan, the dragonfly symbolizes the dawn light and joy. Other cultures believe interactions with dragonflies bring good luck, prosperity, purity, harmony and strength. Some Western First Nations teach that dragonflies are the souls of the dead. In dreams dragonflies can be archetypes of happiness, courage and subconscious strengths.

Looking into the eyes of the dragonfly we see ourselves reflected in a thousand points of shimmering light. The kaleidoscope, too, is filled with many colours of light, representing the light of wisdom from many spiritual traditions. The rainbow encompasses all people no matter the colour of their skin or the manner of their love, and might just lead us to the land of the gods or to special treasures. All these images embody the tolerance and diversity that allow our community to manifest magick every year at the Kaleidoscope Gathering.”