Pet Policy

Pets are welcome at Raven’s Knoll, but it is a privilege, not a right. The cost of kenneling, animals with special needs or separation anxiety, rescue animals, older animals, etc. can mean some guests cannot attend if their animals cannot accompany them. We understand this, and love animals. However, the safety and enjoyment of all our guests (including you, your pets and other pets) is paramount. Please assist us in ensuring that pets will be continued to be allowed at Raven’s Knoll. Not all pets will enjoy the heat, noise and people.

For larger events, all pets must be registered. This is so we can find you if you and your pet become separated or it is injured or ill. With smaller events, it’s not an issue to find people!

Recommendations & Need to Knows:

Some of our guests are terrified of dogs; dogs must be on-leash at all times. The only exception is in the pond and beach if there is no one there and only while the dog is in the water. If anyone enters the water, please leash your dog right away; some guests will forgo swimming if there are dogs in the water. An excellent place for your dog to swim/fetch sticks is in the non-human swimming area of the river, to the left of the fishing pier (we call it Turtle Beach).

Owners MA and Kadri are minor pet first-aiders. If the animal has heat exhaustion or a serious medical issue, send someone to find staff with a radio and have a PET MEDIC brought to the animal. A list of veterinarians in the area is found at registration.

It is important to ensure your animal receives enough water to drink, and possibly to be emerged in water often in the extreme heat. Keep a close eye on the animal for signs of heat stroke/exhaustion. Please keep your pets in the shade and bring them swimming often, if applicable.

If your dog should not be approached by strangers or other dogs, please tie a yellow ribbon around their collar. This is consistent with the International Yellow Dog Project. If someone doesn’t know, please just politely explain that the yellow ribbon indicates a dog that does not appreciate being approached due to age, illness or fears.

Check your pet for ticks. Although MA’s brood have not had any from RK, ticks are bad in Ontario. If you find one and don’t know how to deal with it, go see the Pet Medics.


  • Animals must be kept on a leash, in your tent, in a crate, etc. at all times.
  • Your pet may accompany you around the site, but do not bring a pet to a ritual without permission from the person leading the ritual.
  • Please do not allow your dog to urinate on the swimming beach (river or pond) area as children dig in it!
  • Aggression by your pet towards humans will not be tolerated. If your dog is not good with other dogs, ensure it is kept away from others to avoid injuries, fights and disturbances.
  • At events other than KG, off-leash time and area may be permitted. You need to check with staff ahead of time, and this is specific to the event to which you are attending.
  • There is no off-leash area during KG.
  • Do not take your animal to the old-dump area; it is off-limits for guests anyway, but it is dangerous for pets.
  • You must pick up after your pet and dispose of waste in proper bins.
  • You must ensure your pet does not disturb other guests with noise.
  • If your dog is going out of your camping area at night, the dog must have a glow-stick/band on it to avoid people stepping on it, etc.
  • Do not put poop bags into the porta-potties. Pet waste goes into garbage containers ONLY.
  • The ashtrays (coffee cans) around the site are NOT for pet waste. Flaming poop is NOT FUNNY.

If we receive complaints or staff witnesses you/your pet disobeying the rules, the Staff will give you a warning. Further complaints may result in MA or Kadri being summoned, and this is NOT something you want to happen. Failure to comply with the rules, disturbance, aggression or negligent caring of an animal may result in your being asked to leave the site or your pet not being permitted to attend again.