Vendors’ Policy (Updated for 2019)
Raven’s Knoll and the Kaleidoscope Gathering (KG) welcomes vendors, big and small. Shopping is a highlight for many KG (and other festivals) visitors and we are pleased to be able to provide an area for vending, “Diagon Alley.”
Please review our Vendors’ Policy before arriving. All vendors must conform to the Vendors’ Policy.

We want vendors to be successful and we want attendees to have amazing shopping opportunities. Please recognize that we try to empower vendors as much as possible and vendors are given prime locations at KG.

Please fill out the following form for Vendor Registration when you pre-register and pay between May and June. After that, please print it and bring it with you. Copies will be available on-site as well, but please do not forget your insurance information. It can be emailed to

Please also check out the General Vending Rules, Insurance, Licenses & TaxesRestrictions & Limitations and Vendors FAQ pages

**An official receipt with our GST number can be provided by email for those who pre-registered, or on-site at registration for those paying on-site in cash. If you need one and forgot to ask, send MA a message after KG (give it a few weeks), and we will happily send you one for your business taxes and GST reimbursement.

New for 2020: Vendors will be charged a vending set up of $15 per 10×10 vending area (or thereabouts) per night from the time of set up until the Sunday of KG. There will be no charity auction requiring vendors to contribute.

Vending set-up will be from noon until 8 pm, unless you are pre-registered. Pre-registered vendors will have been assigned a spot and can get that from registration. Anyone not pre-registered will have to await to be assigned a spot during this 8 hour time period.

As the areas near registration are in full sun and further away from the Narnia Light, we have noticed that vendors are less likely to want these areas. Instead, vendors are choosing to fill out four rows (Diagon, Shakedown and Tartuga), closer together and in beautiful shade! As a result, for 2019 we are going to offer an area near registration for Elders and those needing to be nearer to everything. This will not cut down on the number of vending spots, but will ensure vendors are closer together. We will see how it goes for 2019, and invite vendors to provide input on the set up.

General Vending Rules

1. Vendors can begin set up on Saturday before KG, or at any time after that. Exceptions may be granted for earlier set up for large, complex set ups, or for other unusual circumstances. Please speak to the Vendor Coordinator about this. Charges for vending are for the Saturday before KG to the Sunday only (Monday is free). For vendors who stay after KG, the vending set up does not need to be removed right away.

2. There are no restrictions on the hours of operation, provided that you are not causing a disturbance. KG and/or Raven’s Knoll staff determine what constitutes a disturbance.

3. You must register, pay and be assigned a vending spot before setting up your site. You may start vending as soon as you set up; you do not have to wait until KG officially starts.

4. There is a charge for electrical use. There are limited connections available. The cost is $14.00 (including HST). Electricity cannot be shared with other vendors or campers.

5. There is vehicle access to the vendors’ area for setting up. However, your vehicle must be moved after set up. (If you have stock or valuables, please make alternate arrangements.) There will be no vehicles allowed in the vending areas. This includes people who want to sleep in their vehicles.

6. KG and Raven’s Knoll are not responsible for loss, damage or theft of your set up or goods.

7. Registration will be happy to provide anyone who wishes a receipt for their pre- or post-camping set up, electricity charges and KG registration, as these can be considered business expenses for business tax and HST purposes. An official receipt with our GST number can be provided by email for those who pre-registered, or on-site at registration for those paying on-site in cash. If you need one and forgot to ask, send MA a message after KG (give it a few weeks), and we will happily send you one for your business taxes and GST reimbursement.

8. The vending area will have rows on the beach-end of the vending area. The areas near registration may be opened up for Elders or others requiring easy access to the common areas. Camping behind vending is only permitted where no vending area cannot be set up.

9. There is absolutely NO food or beverage vending, body piercings/modifications or tattoo vending allowed. No sale of products with THC or CBD more than 0.2% regardless of original source of the cannabinoids. (See cannabis policy here.) This is for the safety of our guests and to ensure we conform to municipal, provincial and federal regulations.

10. Alcohol (homemade or otherwise) cannot be sold onsite at all. For those provincially licensed brewers/makers, pre-paid deliveries are permitted as long as it has been authorized ahead of time by MA. This is as per provincial laws governing alcohol sales and delivery.

Insurance, Licenses & Taxes

1. You must have vendors’ insurance. You will need to provide the policy number and company when you complete the vending registration. You must have this insurance in place, and the required information provided before you set up.

2. Insurance must cover your goods/services, as well as any and all people who are selling for you.

3. Vendors are responsible for ensuring that any licenses, regulations and standards of their trade are followed. For example, municipal licenses, health care regulations, etc. must be followed, and any insurance or consent forms provided to patrons, if necessary.

4. Each vendor is responsible for conforming to provincial and federal rules for collecting and remitting applicable taxes (HST, etc.).

Restrictions & Limitations

1. Vending is restricted to the vendors’ area only; vending in other areas is not permitted. If you do not have a full vending tent, you will need to position it so that it is full, share with other vendors, or reduce your space. Please be courteous to other vendors with your set-up.

2. You must bring your own tables, chairs or other elements. You cannot use the RK picnic tables, white or green chairs, tables, etc. These are reserved for the general use of all KG guests.

3. There may be restrictions on the size of your vending area. Please only take the space you need. If you are unsure of where to set up, how big a space to use, etc. talk to Aniya, or if you have an unusually large set up. (Remember: It is not the size of your set up that matters, but what you are selling.)

4. You are not permitted to sell restricted or prohibited weapons, as defined by the Criminal Code of Canada, or any other illegal goods or services.

The vending area has been designed to facilitate the flow of traffic of festival attendees, as well as to allow people to mill about and browse your goods, hang out and socialize, and allow for emergency vehicles, etc. As such, please do not set up any extra tent, structure, blanket, etc. without first consulting Aniya, or you will be asked to move or modify your set up.