Volunteering is great way to get involved and meet people.  Are you shy or a new fester at KG? Well volunteering can let you contribute and meet all kinds of people you would not otherwise.  Are you an experienced fester who has “done it all” and now are looking for a way to be more involved? Volunteer, you will get to add sweat equity to your festival and possibly see some things even you have not seen before…

There is something for every one who would like to volunteer and help the festival run a little smoother.  From hauling wood, to watching a fire, passing out water, to cleaning, cooking, watching kidlets for a for moments to allow a caretaker a washroom visit.  No matter what your skill or ability level our slave mistress…. er… I mean… Head of Volunteers Gwen can find something that fits with the time and level you would like to donate.

Sign up at the volunteer booth at KG near the Rabbit Hole, or now *ONLINE* 🙂 But you knew I was going to say that….

You can download this form, fill it out and bring it with you, or email it back to us at ghar36@gmail.com

Thanks Jaimcos, The web Guy